Kallidad at the Rosemount Hotel

April 16th 2015 – We have been fortunate to meet up with Sydney band Kallidad while they were in Perth these last couple of months. We have been working with Mary Lucille Baker of Show Up and Stand Out to create a documentary of this extremely talented and unusual trio. Last night was their last show in Perth before heading back to Sydney and what a show it was. The Rosemount Hotel was rocking and moving to the three piece fiesta bands catchy instrumental  tunes. We of course were there filming the show and it was plain to see just how popular these Sydney boys were. With a crowded room full of fans, it was no surprise these lads fan base have continued to grow at a superheated speed. We of course, have added ourselves to the fan list 🙂



Sydney band Kallidad performing at the Rosemount Hotel April 2015 kallidad stills rosemount_02 kallidad stills rosemount_03 kallidad stills rosemount_04 kallidad stills rosemount_05