Promotional Videos, Music Videos & More

At Creative Media, we love all things film. We are passionate filmmakers who also create and produce our own short and feature films in our spare time. We love telling stories, and we bring that same inspiration to you through our Video Production Services for Business.

Professionally Produced Online Videos Work

Having professionally produced videos on your website and in your marketing funnel is an essential way of promoting your business, attracting new customers, generating leads and sales plus, not to mention, ranking your website higher up in search engines. Your customer’s buying processes have changed, and so must your sales and marketing! Businesses large and small can benefit immensely from the use of online video to promote and project their company’s products, services and Brand.

Corporate, Commercial & Promotional Videos:

Music Videos:

Other Types of Videos For Businesses & Brands:

  • The Company Intro / Company Profile Video: (aka the Company Culture Video) Used widely by enterprises to showcase their company and what is behind the product or service they are selling. This type of video can also convey a more personal message to the target audience, possibly highlight the motivations and humanitarian values behind the business, and help to better connect with the clients and customers. The days of the ‘faceless’ corporations are coming to an end and consumers want to know “who” they are doing business with.
  • Press Release Video: This video is a brief snippet of an organization’s profile, product or service packaged ideally for Journalists, Blogs and Online News websites to easily share from their pages. A Video Press Release has been known to produce significantly more release views and link clicks to Company and Product websites than you ‘old-school’ written Press Release.
  • Interview Video: This type of promotional video is generally portrayed as a Question and Answer (Q & A) format and is primarily used to discuss the company, product, service or even a Hollywood movie, and “passively promotes” by drilling deeper and providing more background information to the target audience to spark interest in the main topic the video is about. You may see an Interview Video as part of a Company Profile Video or a Customer Testimonial Video. It can even be used to augment the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) of a Website or to highlight an individual, or group of individuals within or linked to and organization.
  • Documentary / Mini-Doco:
  • Band & Music Videos: