West Coast Aikido Academy of WA- Client Case Study

Case Study
Client: West Coast Aikido Academy
Brief: A series of instructional videos and seminar event recording

.West Coast Aikido Academy of WA Case Study

Early June we were approached by West Coast Aikido Academy of Western Australia (WCAA) in Wangara to produce a series of videos for their Dojo. The Dojo was looking to produce Instructional Videos, Kata Demonstrations and a Welcome Pack that they could have to give to Academy members to assist with their study and help them learn the techniques as well as to introduce new members to Dojo etiquette and basic techniques needed to help them progress with their training.

The initial idea was to have a series of short clips containing specific moves relevant to training. Various Academy instructors (Sensei) as well as Black Belt and senior belt students were called upon on different days to help demonstrate the techniques. The techniques were then broken down into smaller moves, so they could be put together along with subtitles explaining each movement to help the student effectively follow along. These clips will be made available as a digital download for Members.

As well as producing Aikido instructional videos, we have also been commissioned to film special events run by WCAA such as training seminars, and one off special occasions, each session running between 2 to 3 hours. An example of this was the Self Defence for the Street seminar. We filmed the entire seminar run by Sensei Ross Taylor, 5th Dan (Godan) that we then edited together into a 4 part series authored onto a DVD, and made available for members and the general public for sale.

A new concept recently put in place by WCAA was to film the Black Belt Grading Test for each student going for his or her Black Belt. Upon passing, the student is presented with a personalised USB of their test to review, and keep as a memento. The first and most recent one we produced was just a few weeks ago, and we had the privilege of witnessing just how exciting a Black Belt grading was. Filmed in three hours over two days and then edited together in full, we were able to deliver the finished USB in just over a week and a half.

Working with West Coast Aikido Academy is ongoing, and we are excited to be part of their team and are enjoying working with them on a regular basis and are looking forward to producing even more videos with them. We are currently working on a Dojo tour, Black Belt Katas and have booked in a few Black Belt grading tests over the next few weeks. We are also working on a Promo video for the Dojo that we hope to post here soon.

All video was filmed with the 4K Blackmagic Cinema Production Camera and external sound was recorded with the NTG3 Microphone and Zoom H4N Audio Recorder. Together with WCAA we decided to keep things simple and film with just one camera and have very simple edits which would essentially keep costs down to a minimum. For the instructional videos, because we knew the clips would be short and would not require a long uninterrupted film time, we shot at 4k ProRes resolution as this would give us the option to creatively edit close up shots without loss of any quality and without the need for a second camera person, or extra shots.